Standing Alone Facing You

If you could face yourself what would be revealed?   Curious about the equation of two, this is a duet not about two people but a solo that explores the internal and external self. The physical reality and the mirror of who we want to be.


A physical interpretation of the state of mind that we all experience; “Is this enough? Am Ienough?” If you could extract yourself from your own body, what would you tell your present day self? In this journey of reflection we eventually realize we are our own heroes and life will not go as expected. The best way to help yourself is to show your own vulnerability. Life is an improv – Just get up and dance.

standing alone facing you (2016)


Choreography: Sara Coffin

Dancers: Sara Coffin & Gillian Seaward-Boone

Music Composition and Set Design: Brian Riley

Lighting Design: Stephane Menigot

Costume Design: Rachael Grant

Commissioned by Mocean Dance


Duet, 25 mins

 © 2017

Background Photo Credits: Michelle Doucette