Body Abandoned

A visually stunning piece that investigates the phenomenon of disembodiment in the digital age, Body Abandoned explores the act of vacating the body in favour of our virtual self. Falling in our act of flight, the piece questions the effects of reaching beyond the borders of the skin and existing in the perpetual in-between spaces of digital culture.

Body Abandoned (2014)

Choreography: Sara Coffin
Commissioned by Mocean Dance
Multimedia Designer: Andrew Hawryshkewich
Sound Design: Phil Thomson, with excerpts from Tim Hecker, Patrick Valqui, and Miki Yui
Lighting Designer: Dan Rist
Performed by members of Mocean Dance - Jacinte Armstrong, Rhonda Baker, Sarah Rozee
World Premiere: Feb 6, 2014  at the Smith College, Northampton, MA

Trio, 24 min

 © 2017

Background Photo Credits: Michelle Doucette